Operational satellite data processing for the scientific community

Data from the latest satellite passes from a number of sensors such as OLCI, VIIRS and AVHRR are downloaded each day and processed into a range of products using custom processing chains developed by NEODAAS.

Using extensive in-house computing and storage resources, custom processing software, and staff with expertise in software engineering for large scale EO processing NEODAAS are able to routinely process and deliver products from a number of sensors. A suite of monitoring software ensures any problems with data processing (e.g., changes in data format from providers) are resolved quickly.

NEODAAS are also able to take algorithms developed for use in research projects and adapt so they can be used within an operational chain and offered to other users, significantly increasing the impact of the work. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

Routine Processing

NEODAAS currently download and process data from the following satellites and sensors as soon as they become available (NRT) and again when more refined files are available. The choice of sensors and products is driven by the needs of the community, to see sensors we plan to add in the future see our ongoing development page.

Ocean Colour

NASA AQUA MODIS (from 2002)
NOAA Suomi NPP VIIRS (from 2011)
ESA Sentinel 3a/b OLCI (from 2016)

Sea Surface Temperature

NOAA POES constellation AVHRR (from 1981)