As part of the NRT service, NEODAAS supplied satellite data bulletins to the 29th Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) research cruise to provide a  view from above of what is happening in the ocean around the RRS Discovery as they travelled from Southampton to the Falkland Islands. NEODAAS has been supporting the AMT cruise with satellite data since 1998. The measurements collected as part of AMT form a crucial role in validating products offered by NEODAAS and allowing improvements to algorithms.

“The satellite images provided by NEODAAS helped us contextualise the measurements we collected. Many thanks indeed!”

Giorgio Dall’Olmo (Principal Scientific Officer for AMT 29)
You can read more about the AMT programme on the AMT website.
Chlorophyll concentration derived from 300 m Sentinel 3a and Sentinel 3b OLCI data. The use of data from two satellites allowed much greater coverage to be provided. This image shows a composite of data over a week to give complete coverage.


Sea Surface Temperature (SST) data from the Multiscale Ultrahigh Resolution (MUR) multi sensor product.