During July and August 2021, the Specim AisaFENIX 1K hyperspectral imager, part of the National Centre for Earth Observation’s (NCEO);new suite of state-of-the-art airborne sensors, was used as part of a joint European Space Agency (ESA)/National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA);campaign to collect data in the UK and Sweden.

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The SwathSense 2021 project investigates how hyperspectral measurements, specifically those required for deriving Land Surface Temperature, are influenced with differing viewing angles across the swath (width of the area imaged).

The Monitoring of Atmospheric composition and Greenhouse gases through multi-Instruments Campaigns (MAGIC), in collaboration with eight partners in Europe, is monitoring methane emissions in the high latitudes of Sweden.

NCEO Airborne Remote Sensing Capability

King’s College London Earth Observation and Wildfire Research Group

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Information about Specim AisaFENIX 1K sensor