Access Data

NEODAAS routinely processes data from a number of sensors to create products such as chlorophyll concentration and Sea Surface Temperature (SST), these are made available through Multiview and the Web portal (see below for links). Additional datasets, near real-time support for research cruises and other custom processing are supported through the NEODAAS custom data request system. To request data use the Custom Data Request Form, more details are given below.

Routinely processed data

Screenshot of the Portal

Web Portal

The portal is a browser based portal for viewing data we routinely process through NEODAAS, it allows simple analysis and data extraction to be performed. Click here to access the portal. 

Click here to view a demonstration on how to load data for simple analysis and data extraction.

Click here to view a demonstration on how to extract data.

Please note we are still testing the portal for NEODAAS, any comments or feedback are appreciated.
Screenshot of Multiview


MultiView is a site for viewing data processed by NEODAAS from a variety of sensors. Access is granted for specific areas and datasets.
If you already have a MultiView account click here to access the data.

Click here to register for a new account.

Custom data processing 

We are able to offer a variety of datasets through the NEODAAS request processing service, including delivery of data in near-real time to support research cruises. For examples of some products please see our products page.
There are two main routes to apply for custom data processing through NEODAAS depending on if the project is funded by a NERC research grant or not. In both cases you should contact NEODAAS first to discuss your requirements, providing the following information:
  • The geographic area you are interested in (ideally coordinates of bounding box).
  • Time period you are interested in (can be in the future for NRT support is required).
  • Datasets you would like or details about your intended use if you would like recommendations from us.

NERC grant applications 

If you are applying for a NERC research grant where you are likely to require NEODAAS support, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and provide a technical assessment to include when submitting the grant proposal. If the grant is successful then NEODAAS support will be provided through this.

Other (free at point of delivery) 

NEODAAS data processing services are available to anyone whose work is eligible for a NERC research grant or training award. The eligibility guidelines are available from the UKRI website. To ensure cost effective use of the limited resources available, all other applications for data processing are peer-reviewed and graded using procedures and criteria that are consistent with those used elsewhere in NERC. The highest quality proposals are given the highest priority, with those less highly graded being accommodated where possible.
After contacting us to discuss your requirements the application form for custom NEODAAS data processing is available here:

Download Custom Data Request Form