NEODAAS has provided data to support a wide variety of research activities and projects over many years. These have included research into marine life, weather and climate, volcano monitoring amongst others.  

Between 2013 - 2019 NEODAAS supported 33 research cruises and provided custom satellite data processing for 89 projects. Through what was the NERC Airborne Research Facility Data Analysis Node (now part of NEODAAS) 163 flights of airborne data were processed and delivered. The NEODAAS online data portal has had over 1100 people sign up from 92 different countries.

Through delivery of data and expertise NEODAAS have contributed to numerous publications. Between 2013 – 2019 this included:

354 Journal articles
117 Conference papers
36 Theses
14 Book chapters
10 Reports

You can read more about where the data has been used in the impact stories below: