Photo of Katie Awty-Carroll

Dr Katie Awty-Carroll

Data Scientist


Katie works as a Data Scientist within NEODAAS applying AI and ML techniques to Earth Observation data to support new environmental intelligence applications.


Katie originally studied Computer Science (BSc) before undertaking a PhD in remote sensing with a focus on time series analysis. Her research has mainly involved the study of long-term change in coastal ecosystems, particularly mangrove forests. Katie is currently working on applying and developing new deep learning techniques for analysis of remote sensing imagery.
Her areas of expertise are time series analysis, change detection, machine learning, large-scale data processing, and research software development.

Photo of Steve Groom

Prof Steve Groom

Head of Service
Photo of Heather  Baxter

Dr Heather Baxter

Project Manager
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Dr Lauren Biermann

Research Scientist
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Dr Dan Clewley

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James Dingle

Research Software Engineer
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William Jay

Research Scientist
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Dr Angus Laurenson

Scientific Python developer
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Aser Mata

Research Scientist
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Dr Peter Miller

Senior Research Scientist
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Dr David Moffat

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Scientist
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Silvia Pardo

Research Scientist
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Research Scientist
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Emma Sullivan

Research Scientist
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Peter Walker

Research Software Engineer
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Research Software Engineer