The Team

Photo of James Harding

James Harding

AI and ML Data Scientist


With a background in Engineering and Water Science, James is now an AI and ML Data Scientist at NEODAAS. He uses AI to analyse Earth Observation data to help advance Scientific understand Earth's systems and processes. As part of the NEODAAS AI service, he supports users, making the multi-faceted technology more accessible for researchers.


As an undergraduate in Civil Engineering, I excelled in hydrogeology, fluid mechanics, and hydraulic engineering. This academic leaning set me up for industry roles with Scottish Waters Research & Innovation department. This phase developed my abilities in membrane fouling, data compilation, multi-criteria analysis and process optimization. The continuous pursuit of innovation in this sector steered me toward my Ph.D. in Machine Learning & Earth Observation. Specifically, I developed deep generative models for the Earth Observation of shallow surface waters.  I enjoyed sharing my academic insight and practical knowledge, with 500+ hours of pedagogical roles with high-school and undergraduate scholars, in fields spanning Engineering Conceptual Design, Hydrogeology & Mathematics. Along this journey I have been recommended to teach as part of the Oxford Teaching program, awarded for a research presentation titled 'Browning Waters & Big Data', and selected by the Institute of Waters Hydro-Nations leadership program, for emerging and existing leaders in the water industry.

Photo of Steve Groom

Prof Steve Groom

Head of Service
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Dr Dan Clewley

Photo of Aquila Erskine (Quillie)

Aquila Erskine (Quillie)

Project Manager
Photo of William Jay

William Jay

Research Scientist
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Dr Angus Laurenson

Scientific Python developer
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Dr Nicola Martin

Research Software Engineer
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Aser Mata

Research Scientist
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Dr Peter Miller

Senior Research Scientist
Photo of David Moffat

Dr David Moffat

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Scientist
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Silvia Pardo

Research Scientist
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Dr Nick Selmes

Research Scientist
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Emma Sullivan

Research Scientist
Photo of Peter Walker

Peter Walker

Research Software Engineer
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Dr Mark Warren

Research Software Engineer